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Sand dry process production line (sand)

Sand dry process production line is equipped with high-performance VSI crusher and powder separator thickness, energy saving, environmental protection, small footprint, the production line is compact, high degree of automation

Applicable materials:
Hard Rock: such as granite, diorite, basalt, conglomerate, sandstone, limestone, argillaceous limestone, dolomite, gneiss, quartzite, marble, slate and the like. Soft rock: such as suspected limestone, clay conglomerate, shale, argillaceous conglomerate, marl, mudstone
Water and electricity, highways, urban construction and other industry applications, product size can be combined and graded according to the different needs of users
Device Configuration:
Vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, thick powder separator

Sand dry process production line (sand) Detail:

Sand production line describes the basic process
This production line takes less than 40mm Case presentation materials.
0-40mm aggregate by hanging feeder, belt conveyor transported to the vertical impact broken crushed on impact break out material sieved through a vibrating floor, the impact is greater than 5mm material back broken back broken, form a closed loop. 3-5mm material may be partially finished products according to the material requirements, some return impact crusher broken again. Less than 3mm thickness of the powder material into the separator, branch 0-0.075mm of powder. 0.075-3mm and 3-5mm of material composition of the finished product stockpile. According to environmental requirements optional pulse jet bag filter.

Dry method sand process advantages:
(1) fineness modulus and grading zone adjustment: Sand, sand powder separation unit is equipped with frequency control system can be adjusted according to the characteristic mode of production of raw materials, to achieve quick and easy adjustment sand fineness modulus and powder content is the most advanced production technology.
(2) dust content (sand equivalent) Adjustment: by sand powder separator the dust content is adjusted to within the range of requirements.
Good (3) environmental performance: equipped with special dust removal system, dust is small, noise is less than 90dB when running.
(4) small footprint, the production line is compact, high degree of automation: flat area 35 m × 20 m each class production run only two working staff.

Dry Process Sand Process characteristics:
(1) process design scientific, rational and effective mechanisms to ensure the quality and yield of sand;
(2) can be broken, the high hard and extra hard materials;
(3) high automated configuration, to minimize the cost of human resources;
(4) Excellent finished sand grading, adjustable fineness modulus;
(5) the device is running low noise, less dust pollution.