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Limestone is the main component of karst terrain, which is a gray or gray sedimentary rock generated in the sea and lake basins. Limestone is often mixed with dolomite, gypsum, magnesite, pyrite, opal, chalcedony, quartz, glauconite, fluorite and so on. Pure limestone mixture is generally less than 5%.
Limestone for concrete aggregate, paving stone, cement, metallurgical flux, water treatment, soil conditioner, poultry feed additives, and light industry, chemicals, textiles, food and so on. In the limestone development area, often formed stone forest, cave and other scenic spots.
Limestone in general contain some dolomite and clay minerals, when the clay mineral content of 25% to 50%, known as the muddy rock. Dolomite content of 25% to 50%, known as dolomitic limestone. Limestone distribution is quite extensive, lithology uniform, easy mining processing, is a very versatile building materials.