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Box hammer crusher

Box hammer crusher


Feeding size:1200mm

Application:All kinds of material with strength no more than 300M
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Products with parameters

Box type crusher (Box - type breaker) is also weighing hammer crusher, square Box crusher, is to absorb domestic and foreign advanced technology, comprehensive ordinary heavy hammer crusher, counterattack crusher, vertical shaft hammer crusher and all kinds of use hammer hammer (board) for crushing the stone to hit on the mechanical principle of optimized design, manufacturing production out of the latest generation of broken machinery products, changed to grate method to control the discharging grain big small, reduce wear hammer in the crushing cavity, to improve the service life of hammer head by 4-6 times, each pay a hammer head can be broken stone 3-40000 tons, realized the breakthrough of crushing technology, and truly achieved the effect of get twice the result with half the effort Fruit.

Performance characteristics:

Stone by the upper machine straight into the high speed rotating wheel, under the action of centrifugal force at high speed, high speed impact crushing with high density, stone after fighting each other, and will be formed between the wheel and the chassis of the several times of vortex motion and made into hit each other, friction, crushing, and crushed into the required size, the box type crusher produced by our company has large feed particle size, broken than large, uniform discharging; High yield, granular product 85% left right, completely conform to the requirements of the use; Box type hammer crusher shaft installation is adjustable, hammer head long life; Grid size is adjustable, the product particle size controllable, particle shape well; Box type reversible crusher case, more convenient maintenance; Party a bolt, impact resistance, resistance to wear; Box type hammer crusher shaft installation is adjustable, hammer head long life; Party a bolt, impact resistance, resistance to wear; . High output, stable performance; In the coarse, one pace reachs the designated position, simplified technological process; Using high wear-resisting material hammer head, grate plate and back plate, longer service life; . With small power, low energy consumption, simple maintenance, less easyworn parts.

Working principle:

Box type crusher frame part to the triad structure, just open the breaker at the back of the chassis, plate hammer, crushing plate can be carried, such as lining maintenance work. Strong box crusher parts interchangeability, vulnerability of small variety, is advantageous for the spare parts purchasing and management. Hydraulic open device used for casing opening and closing, can effectively reduce the maintain the intensity of labor, improve the efficiency of maintenance work, shorten the maintenance time. Box type crusher monitoring system to supervise the operation condition of the crushing machine, monitoring signals can be interlocked with the main control system, ensure safe and reliable operation of the machine. Box type crusher drive system adopts motor + mechanical coupling + V belt, crusher, can effectively improve startup performance of the motor, the motor is up and running smoothly. Belt transmission mode can play a double overload protection function, drive system required by the motor power is low, reduce operating costs. The driving scheme is economical and practical, good performance, safe and reliable driving scheme.

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