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Spiral Classifier

Spiral Classifier


Feeding size:

Application: separate mineral sand and fine mud in the gravity concentration, and clean mud and water in washing mineral process.
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Brief introduction spiral classifier 

A with the aid of solid particles in the pulp settling velocity for different classification of equipment

Product Feature of spiral classifier 

The sand return end increased the sand return automatic lifting device, cancel the ball mill tablespoons of header configuration.

Can generally be electricity saving 1 ~ 1.5 degrees per ton ore.

To avoid the big spoon head of frequent maintenance.

Slows down the big and small gear for ball mill is not balanced.

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The working principle of

Spiral classifier using grinding fine after pulp from is located in the central depression area of inlet into the sink, tilt installed below the sink is pulp sizing subsidence area, screw rotation at low speed, the mixing effect to the pulp, the fine particles suspended to the above, flow to the overflow weir overflow. Coarse particles sink to the bottom of the channel, by the spiral to the discharge port as the sand return. The location of the overflow weir above the center of the bottom of screw axis bearing, below the overflow side screw on the rim.

Technical parameters of  spiral classifier 

Model Spiral diameter(mm) Speed ofSpiral
capacity Slope(°) Power
             Sand Return        (t/h)    Overflow (t/h)
FLG500 500 8-15.5 6-11 32 12-18 3 1.9
FLG750 750 4.5-10 11-24 65 12-18 3 2.7
FLG1000 1000 1.6-7.4 25-45 110 12-18 5.5 4.1
FLG1200 1200 5-7 50-80 155 12-18 5.5 7.5
FLG1500 1500 2.5-6 70-115 235 12-18 7.5 10.5
FLG1800 1800 2.5-6 100-190 310 12-18 11 17.1
FLG2000 2000 2.5-6 160-230 400 12-18 15 19.3

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