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Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Separator


Feeding size:0-2mm

Application:Iron ore, copper, etc ore dressing equipments
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Product Introduction of magnetic separator

Magnetic separator magnetic system, USES the high quality material or compounded with magnets, ferrite drum table magnetic induction intensity for an average of 100 ~ 600 mt. According to user needs, can provide downstream, half counter-current type, counter-current etc. Various different tables of strong magnetic separator. This product has a simple structure, large capacity, convenient operation, easy maintenance, etc

Performance Characteristics of magnetic separator

  1. The coarse separation of the lean iron ore after coarse crushing or medium crushing eliminates the barren rocks such as surrounding rock, improves the taste of the iron ore and eases the load of the next procedure.
  2. Magnetic separator can be used in the closed circuit firing work for restoring the hematite, and it can separate the raw ore that are not fully restored and return it for firing again.
  3. In the ceramic industry, magnetic separator can remove the iron mixed in the petuntse and improve the quality of the ceramic product.
  4. Magnetic separator can also be used in coal firing, sand making, refractory and other industries that need deironing.

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Specification of magnetic separator

Model Shell Diameter (mm) Shell length Feed size Capacity   (t/h) Power Weight  (t)
    (mm) (mm)   (KW)  
CTB612 Φ600 1200 0-2 10-20 1.1 1.5
CTB618 Φ600 1800 0-2 15-30 2.2 1.8
CTB718 Φ750 1800 0-2 25-45 3 2.2
CTB918 Φ900 1800 0-3 35-70 4 2.8
CTB1018 Φ1050 1800 0-3 40-75 5.5 4.3
CTB1024 Φ1050 2400 0-3 52-100 5.5 5.2
CTB1218 Φ1200 1800 0-3 47-90 5.5 5
CTB1224 Φ1200 2400 0-3 80-120 7.5 6.4